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Forest Therapy Centre consists of qualified, professional and experienced counsellors and therapists.
We are here to help you and to make sure that your individual needs are best met.
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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in East London

Psychotherapy is a planned interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to assist a client with personal problems. Its objective is to increase the individual’s sense of well-being. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on relationship building, dialogue, communication and behaviour change and that are designed to improve mental health, or to improve group relationships, such as in a family. Psychotherapy may be performed by practitioners with a number of different qualifications, including psychologists, marriage and family therapists, occupational therapists, licensed clinical social workers, counsellors, psychiatric nurses, psychoanalysts, and psychiatrists.

‘Forest’ is an independent group of qualified professional counsellors and psychotherapists of both male and female gender and of various ethnicities. Our aim is to enable clients to have a choice of counsellors and a speedy response. We endeavour to see clients within 72 hours of their call. Our therapists specialize in various areas including psychosexual couple therapy, adolescent problems amongst many others. Some of our counsellors have been trained by relate and others at the London Marriage Counselling Group.

On your initial contact you will be asked questions and an appointment will be provided to suit your diary. Whilst our main centre is situated in South Woodford, London E18 we have satellite practices in Ilford, Docklands and Walthamstow.  These are amply serviced by the railways and buses. There is plentiful parking at all our centers. You are welcome to browse through our Web site and we will be pleased to discuss any questions arising. For those requiring low cost counselling we are able to provide final year students.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in East London

We believe that counselling offers you the time and place to explore, clarify and understand difficulties in your personal life with a person who has been trained to listen confidentially, sensitively and non�judgmentally.

 Room hire available from £12

We can help you with:

Addictions adolescence Adoption Counselling alcohol addiction anger management
anxiety art therapist under 16s assertiveness bereavement
bullying childhood trauma cognitive behavioural therapy CBT cognitive analytic therapy
confidentiality counsellor counselling couples depression
domestic violence eating disorder employee assistance program  emotion emotional breakdown
family therapy family therapist family consultant mediation fetishes fit personal trainer
fitness trainer gay  grief group counselling homosexual
hypnotism hypnotherapy insomnia individual counselling lesbian
life changes loss low self-esteem marriage problems mental health
obesity obsessive and compulsive disorder one-to-one panic attacks phobias
post-traumatic stress disorder premature ejaculation psychological problems psychological trauma psychology
psychologist psychodynamics psychosexual therapy psychosexual therapist psychosomatic disorder
psychotherapist psychotherapy relationships qualified counsellor relationship breakdown
relationship counselling self acceptance self confidence self esteem sexual abuse
sexual behaviour support sexual fetish sleep disorders smoking speech disorder
stress stress management therapist therapy therapeutic hypnosis
transexuals transgender cross dressing transvestite work stress over 16s




Ms Suki Grant

Our practice is situated in the centre of South Woodford, East London.

We are within a 30 minute drive of North London and Southwest Essex and The City of London is less than 30 minutes away on the Central line. In addition to our local practice, we are able to offer counselling in other parts of the UK including Benfleet, Brighton, Croyden, Plumpstead, Southend, Twickenham, Upminster York, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol and Leicester.



 Room hire available from £12


Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Practice
“Practices throughout East London”
Mediation, Supervision The Old Forge
Life Coaching E.F.T. Station Passage
BACP, UKCP, NCHP Regd South Woodford
Tel: 020 8502 4674 London E18 1JL


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